How it Works. Technology.

The Technology

You mark up areas in your pages using CSS classes, and then log into PageLime. We connect to your site, figure out what parts are editable based on the CSS classes, and let you edit your pages. Once you're done with your edits, PageLime publishes the changes to your site using FTP (or one of our other publishing methods).

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The Integration

Integration. What Integration? With PageLime Integration is as simple as adding a CSS class to your markup

The Process

Step 1. You create an account.

You sign up and provide us with all the relevant info.

Step 2. Use PageLime to change content.

You, or your clients, log into the PageLime web-app, make changes to your website.

Step 3. Publish to your website.

You're done.

High Security

High Security

Your sensitive data is encrypted using a secret key. We only decrypt and use your data when you ask us to.

Multiple Points of Integration

Publishing Choices

Either let us publish to your site using FTP, or pull the information from our web services using the developer API.

100% AJAX

No Tight Coupling

Our CMS is not tightly coupled to your site or markup in any way. No database and no code - we publish just clean content.

No Integration

Simple Integration

PageLime is integrated with no changes to your source code, and it works with any website platform (PHP, ASP.NET...).

Multiple Points of Integration

Decrease Downtime Risk

Your site will never go down because PageLime is down, and vice-versa.

100% AJAX

Broadcast your content

Because we store your updates in a linear fashion, you can broadcast your content from our servers as RSS!