Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ.

How does PageLime work?

You mark up editable areas of your pages using CSS classes, and you upload your site to your hosting account. Then you provide PageLime the FTP details, and our publishing engine takes care of the rest. PageLime does not store or overwrite your source code. Read more here.

If this is a CMS, where is the database?

PageLime is a hosted service, so we securely host the database, and the PageLime web-application. You don't have to install any additional database or software on your site.

How does PageLime publish content?

Usually using FTP, but there are other integration methods using XML, and we plan to introduce more in the future. Drop us a line if you have a specific requirement we don't meet, and maybe we can work something out.

What about my code? Does PageLime look at or overwrite my code?

No. We neither look at nor touch your precious code. We only change those parts of your pages that are marked as editable.

Is my data secure?

PageLime encrypts your sensitive data using a passphrase that you have to remember. Because we never store the passphrase, even if our data were compromised, it could not be decrypted.

Can I create listing pages?

Yes, PageLime provides many facilities to create listing pages, such as press-release lists. Also, our user base is creative, and if you go over to the community section, you will find many clever ways of building custom lists.

Do you offer a boxed version of PageLime that I can install on my server?

No, but if you have specific requirements that mandate this, please contact us and we can work something out.

Can I have multiple sites?

Yes, you can manage multiple sites, users, and permissions from your PageLime account.

How come PageLime isn't free? Aren't you supposed to be a web 2.0 company?

Wow, way to make us feel bad. Unfortunately, we have to pay the bills. But, we also really want to make this app as cheap as possible. If you have a briliant monetization scheme or partnership opportunity we missed, please contact us.

How much storage do I get for my digital assets?

Right now, we set a limit at 5GB. However, we may remove it completely.

What if I use master pages, php includes, or URL re-writers?

PageLime handles page includes just fine! Just enable the Feature "Server Side Includes" and you're good to go. They even work with content history. Keeping unique versions of each include as well.

I added the "cms-editable" class but I'm still not seeing lime bubbles!

All items that can be edited need unique ID's. Proper format is <div id="somethingrandom" class="cms-editable"> Editable Content. This is the same for all items including H1's, IMG's, P's, etc.

Once I open my page inside PageLime all my images are broken!

Make sure that you Don't have your tags <base> commented out of your page headers.

The lime bubbles are showing up but pages aren't publishing!

90% of the time this problem occurs when you don't have the proper FTP home directory setup in your "Site Settings". The FTP home directory is the folder in the ROOT of your FTP that contains the first page of your website. Usually this is something like "WWW" , "Public_HTML", or "".

So I made some page templates, but I lost all the (PHP, .NET, RUBY, etc) code! Why oh why is this happening?

When you create a template from a page that contains code that isn't just base HTML in the source, you have to create the template from "FTP Source Code" when you create it. This will pull all the code directly from the source, as opposed to the rendered page.

I have some includes, but nothing is working on them. What is the deal Lime guys?!

You have to make sure the Server Side Includes feature is enabled. It is on the right side of the "Activate Features" section and can be accessed from the Site Dashboard. This has to be done a per site basis, it is not a global change across all accounts.